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Andrew Keegan Biography:

There seems to be an unspoken rule in television-land that if a boyfriend is required, call Andrew Keegan. This young heartthrob has appeared on numerous television series, and always as the love interest of one of its stars. From Full House to Party of Five, he's done them all.

Keegan got his acting career started early in life (to say the least!) as one of those adorable little Gerber babies doing commercials for baby food. His dad worked within the media, doing voice-overs, so young Andrew was exposed to the industry from day one.

Andrew also appeared regularly on the TV sitcom Thunder Alley and had a recurring role on the hit WB television show 7th Heaven. Playing the character of Wilson, a teenage father, helped demonstrate his acting skills. It was his first stretch away from "pretty face" roles and so far things are looking good. Add to that another recurring role on another of television's hottest new shows, Party of Five and things definitely begin looking up.

Andrew hasn't been content to remain solely on the small screen. Keegan first lept to the silver screen in 1994, Camp Nowhere, a delightful kids movie which helped to improve his already steady support amongst teenagers. He became one of the most photographed young stars of the nineties. Despite having his life followed closely in teen magazines, Andrew has yet to achieve a level of high success or fame amidst the general public. He appeared briefly (VERY briefly) in 1996's smash hit Independence Day.

Although he has yet to achieve a high level of mainstream success, things are beginning to look better for Andrew. His role in the remake of William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, entitled 10 Things I Hate About You, has jumpstarted his career. Unlike many of his peers, he has avoided slasher films, and is concentrating on more classy material. He also appeared in O, a modern-day remake of Shakespeare’s Othello. In 2000 he also took a role as a young closeted homosexual in the romantic comedy Broken Hearts’ Club. The role made him popular with teenage boys as well as teen girls.

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