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Edward Norton

Edward Norton

"Fame is very corrosive and you have to guard very strictly against it."

Birth Name: Edward James Norton, Jr.

Birth Date: August 18, 1969

Birth Place: Columbia, Maryland, USA

Height 6'1''

Why he is a Golden Beau: His ability to play unusual and often nasty character to perfection is unparrelled.

Movies you should see: Fight Club, 25th Hour

Other Stuff:
-When Norton met with the director for Primal Fear, he told them that he, like Aaron, came from eastern Kentucky. Norton even spoke with the twang (which he prepared by watching Coal Miner's Daughter).

-During filming, he and Fight Club (1999) co-star Brad Pitt took soap-making classes.

-His character Worm in Rounders (1998) was originally supposed to smoke but avid nonsmoker Edward Norton refused.

-He worked as a waiter, a proofreader, and a director's assistant (to try to get his foot in the door) in New York City. He applied to be a cab driver, but he was rejected for the license because he didn't meet the age requirement.

-Dedicated his directoral debut, Keeping the Faith (2000), to his late mother, Robin.

-Can speak fluent Japanese.

-Played 'Captain' in a VH1 'Captain & Tenille' Behind the Music skit on Saturday Night Live with friend Drew Barrymore the night before the 1999 Oscars when he was a nominee for American History X (1998). Drew then accompanied Edward to the Oscars the day after.

-Dating Salma Hayek. [1999- ]

-Dated Courtney Love. [1996-1998]

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