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Jason Priestley Biography:

With his perennially boyish yet sensual features and earnest cool manner, Jason Priestley quickly became a poster boy for the teen set ever since he first gained a modicum of attention as the unruly orphan Todd on the NBC sitcom "Sister Kate" (1989-90). Once he essayed the role of good guy twin Brandon Walsh on Fox's popular drama "Beverly Hills, 90210" beginning in 1990, his status as heartthrob was secured.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Priestley began his career as a child model and actor and by age five was already a veteran. By age eight, he was acting in Canadian TV-movies and by his teens he had debuted in features in a small role in "The Boy Who Could Fly" (1986). Relocating to L.A., he parlayed his good looks into guest appearances on such series as "21 Jump Street" and "MacGyver". Despite his resume, Priestley was still a relative unknown when he was tapped to co-star as Shannen Doherty's fraternal twin in "90210". The show proved to be a hit and the actor found himself coping with the glare of stardom along with his co-stars. He was able to parlay his success into a secondary career behind the scenes as both a director and producer on the long-running series.

Despite risking typecasting, Priestley remained with the show for over eight years, squeezing in the occasional feature role. Like many TV stars who try to translate their small-screen appeal to films, he was stymied by poor material. Priestley headlined the highly-anticipated period buddy comedy "Calendar Girl" (1993), and while he acquitted himself well, audiences were not quick to line up for the movie. The actor attempted to reinvent himself in the supporting role of a sheriff in "Tombstone" (also 1993) but was overshadowed by veterans like Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer. He received good notices as a timid accountant turned hit man in the festival-screened "Coldblooded" (1995) but again, the film found more viewers on cable and video than in theaters. 1998 brought the actor his best role to date, a so-so actor who is a teen idol in the independent "Love and Death on Long Island". Reviewers praised Priestley's tongue-in-cheek approach to the role that bore more than a little similarity to his own situation. Perhaps emboldened by this modest success, he announced that he would leave his popular alter ego behind during the 1998-1999 season in order to concentrate on other projects, including films like "Hacks" and "Standing on Fishes" (both lensed in 1997) and "Eye of the Beholder" (lensed in 1998).

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