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Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom

"I don't care much about the money at all. Frankly, if I get the chance to kiss someone in a movie, they wouldn't need to pay me at all."

Birth Name: Orlando Bloom

Birth Date: January 13, 1977

Birth Place: Canterbury, Kent, England, UK

Height: 5'11''

Why he is a Golden Beau: Let me count the reasons: 1. His boyish good-looks that have a tendency to make one weak in the knees; 2. He played an elf! How cool is that? 3. He has an accent; and 4. He has the whole daredevil thing going on

Movies you should see: Either Lord of the Rings, although I think his character is more fully developed in the second one

Other Stuff:

-Was nearly killed three years ago when he broke his back in a fall out of a window and fell three floors. He was told he may not walk again. He was operated on, and twelve days later he walked out of the hospital.

-During the filming for Lord of the Rings, Orlando fell off his horse and broke one of his ribs.

-Originally auditioned to play the role of "Faramir" in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but lost out on that role and was instead asked to play the role of Legolas.

-Learned to surf during the filming of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in New Zealand.

-Appeared on 2002 clothing commercial named "Denim Invasion" for Gap with Kate Beckinsale. The commercial was directed by Cameron Crowe.

-He is named after the hero in Virginia Woolf's novel 'Orlando: A Biography'.

-Son of Jewish South African lawyer, writer and activist Harry Bloom (1913- 1981). Harry Bloom was the author of the important anti-apartheid novel "Transvaal Episode".

-Is a vegetarian

-Underwent a great deal of training with knives, horseback riding, canoeing and archery before his role as Legolas.

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