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New! Adam Baldwin
New! Adam Sandler
Update! Adrien Brody
Aiden Quinn
New! Alec Baldwin
Andrew Keegan
Andrew McCarthy
Anthony Edwards
Anthony Quinn
Antonio Banderas
New! Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ben Affleck
New! Ben Foster
New! Bill Paxton
Billy Crudup
New! Billy Idol
New! Billy Joe Armstrong
Billy Zane
More Pics Added! Brad Pitt
Brad Renfro
Brendan Frasier
Bruce Willis
Burt Reynolds

Chad Michael Murray
Charlie Sheen
Chris O'Donnell
More Pics Added! Christian Bale
New Pic Added! Christian Slater
Cillian Murphy
Clive Owen
Colin Farrell
Colin Firth
Corey Feldman
Corey Haim
Cuba Gooding Jr.

New! Daniel Craig
Daniel Day Lewis
New! Daniel Radcliffe
New! David Beckham
David Boreanaz
David Bowie
Update! David Duchovny
New! Dennis Hopper
Dennis Quaid
New! Dennis Rodman
Denzel Washington
Diego Luna
New! Dominic Monaghan
Dustin Hoffman

Ed Harris
New Pic Added! Edward Norton
New! Elton John
Emilio Estevez
New! Eminem
New! Eric Balfour
Eric Bana
Eric Stoltz
Ethan Hawke
Ewan McGregor
Gael Garcia Bernal
Gary Oldman
New Pic Added! George Clooney
Update! Giovanni Ribisi
Guy Pearce

Update! Harvey Keitel
Update! Hayden Christensen
More Pics Added! Heath Ledger

New! Iggy Pop
Ioan Gruffudd

Jack Nicholson
Update! Jake Gyllenhaal
New Pic Added! James Dean
James Franco
James Spader
New! Jamie Foxx
Jared Leto
Jason Lewis
Jason Priestley
Javier Bardem
Jean-Claude van Damme
Jeff Bridges
New! Jeff Goldblum
Jeremy Davies
Jeremy Irons
Jeremy Piven
Jeremy Sisto
Jerry O'Connell
Jesse Bradford
New Pic Added! Jim Carrey
Joaquin Phoenix
John Lennon
John Turturro
Johnny Depp
Jon Bon Jovi
More Pics Added! Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Update! Joseph Fiennes
Update! Joseph Gordon Levitt
Josh Charles
More Pics Added! Josh Duhamel
Jude Law
Julian McMahon
Justin Kirk

Keanu Reeves
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Costner
Kevin Kline
New! Kevin Spacey
Kiefer Sutherland
Kurt Russell
New! Kyle MacLachlan
More Pics Added! Lenny Kravitz
More Pics Added! Leonardo DiCaprio
Liam Neeson
More Pics Added! Luke Perry

Malcolm McDowell
New! Marco Vampeta
Mario Lopez
Mark Paul Gossaler
Mark Walhberg
Martin Sheen
Update! Matt Damom
Update! Matt Dillon
New! Matt Stone
Matthew Broderick
New! Matthew McConaughey
Mel Gibson
Update! Michael Vartan
Mickey Rourke
New! Mike Tyson

More Pics Added! Nick Stahl
More Pics Added! Nicolas Cage
Noah Wyle

Orlando Bloom
New! Owen Wilson

New! Patrick Dempsey
Paul Walker
New! Pete Wentz
New! Peter Beardsy
Peter Facinelli
Peter Gallagher
Update! Pierce Brosnan
New! Prince William

New! Ralph Fiennes
New! Reichen Lehmkuhl
Update! Richard Gere
Rob Lowe
New! Robbie Williams
Robert DeNiro
Robert Downey Jr.
New! Robin Williams
Rupert Everett
Russell Crowe
Update! Ryan Phillippe
Sam Rockwell
Scott Caan
Scott Mechlowicz
Scott Wolf
Sean Astin
Sean Bean
Sean Connery
Sean Patrick Flannery
New! Sean Penn
Seth Green
Shane West
More Pics Added! Shawn Ashmore
Skeet Ulrich
More Pics Added! Stephen Dorff
New! Steve-O
New! Sting
More Pics Added! Sylvester Stallone

Taye Diggs
New! Thomas Jane
Tim Robbins
New Pic Added! Tom Cruise
New! Tom Selleck
Tom Welling
New! Tommy Lee
New! Tony Danza
New! Trey Parker

Update! Viggo Mortensen
Vin Diesel
New! Vincent Gallo

Warren Beatty
New! Wesley Snipes
New! Will Smith
William H. Macy
William L. Petersen
Woody Harrelson

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