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Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs

“‘The Best Man’ is the movie I am most proud of. Of all the roles I have had to play, it was closest to who I am as a person and where I was in my life as well, and I just think everybody did excellent work.”

Birth Name: Scott Diggs

Birth Date: January 2, 1972

Birth Place: Rochester, New York, USA

Height: 5'10''

Why he is a Golden Beau: Although he has yet to break into the mainstream industry, he has sizzled in his every performance.

Movies you should see: The Wood, Chicago, Go

Other Stuff:
-Married to Idina Menzel (11 January 2003 - present)

-Educated at Syracuse University

-Portrayed Benny, the evil landlord in the Tony Award winning stage production of "Rent"

-His wife, Idina Menzel, is a Broadway actress and singer.

-Was called "Scottaye" by friends, then shortened his name to "Taye".

-Won the role of Winston Shakespeare in "How Stella Got Her Groove Back", even though the casting directors were searching for a tall black man with dreads.

-Was a cast member at Tokyo Disneyland before he got the job in "Rent".

-Has two younger brothers and sisters

-In December 2003 Diggs appeared in the musical, Wicked, in New York. He played the male lead, Fiyerio, opposite his real wife, Idina Menzel, who played Elphaba.

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